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Year: 2020

SEO for eCommerce: Root Domain vs Subdomain

domain vs subdomain

Depending on your scenario and when implemented right, keeping your ecommerce site on your root domain makes the most sense. But there are a few exceptions.

This is depending on your situation and if implemented correctly, having the ecommerce site on the root domain makes more sense. However, there are quite a few exceptions.

Before we go to these exceptions, let’s talk about what eCommerce websites are. This did not start out that way – in fact, it was just plain, non-transactional sites. Transactions done are outside the website or separately.

Some SEO professionals might ask because the nature of eCommerce sites – non-transactional to transactional, where they should install them on their server.

It might seemed that putting it in the root domain may seemed to be an obvious option, but it can get complex and we will tackle that in this post.

Define the Purpose of Your eCommerce Site

The main purpose of eCommerce is only one thing – to sell. It might seemed to be simple, but the overall performance should help define which should be used.

A root domain is used for websites that are transactional. But, if there is a case of an existing non-transactional website changing to eCommerce, then this can become complicated.

You need to consider other things when setting up the eCommerce:

  • Is it better for SEO?
  • Is it better for users?
  • Is it better for the type of eCommerce situation that you have planned?

Let’s tackle further. Say, if we choose subdomains, what does it do? For one thing, it can separate the code.

Transactional vs Non-transactional

Transactional sites:

  • have built in shopping cart
  • requires additional SSL security
  • merchant account transactions or credit card processing partners and more

Non-transactional sites:

  • can host important information that the customer needs to discover in order to gain trust and buy from you
  • if the existing website is doing a great job in taking potential customers into your marketing funnel and you want to keep them and put a new eCommerce site on a subdomain

Other things that might be useful to know when it comes to opting for a subdomain is if you wish to sell globally – country-based eCommerce sites.

It is also helpful in using subdomains when there are redirections needed with tons of complicated SEO considerations and sections such as having a unique content, translations, and etc. that took you months to set up.

Based on the information above, it really depends on your situation and the type of business you have.

On the SEO side of things, we can tackle it in the next posts.

News from the Search Engine Journal

Another Google AdSense Client

Google AdSense Results

Sometimes you gotta trust yourself and your skills. I came across another Google AdSense client who wanted to increase their revenue, but in a short amount of time. I cannot promise something that is outrageous as that can really be tricky and would just arm the client with a reason to claim that I was not able to reach a certain amount in one month.

I quoted a close approximated amount that is logical because I need a week to at least study the site and do experiments on the Ads. He wanted it done for 2 days, and even if it was not doable, I said, “I will try my best”.

Now, I have seen that the site was only earning around $40 per day and depending on a certain day…the week before I took over, they only earned around $300!

Day 1: I tweaked some settings as needed and took care of 2 policy issues.
The day ended with an increase or bump.

Now, before we continue, here are the challenges:
– I cannot get admin access to the website, therefore I just have to give the codes to their developer.
– With every virtual work, not all of the team come from one country. I have to wait a day or two to get the first one done. It actually took me 3 days after. So, there goes the 2 days of expectations.

From the day I started down to the present day, I was able to generate $3.76K in estimated revenue and that is not yet the full month! I am still on my 2 weeks of the campaign. You can view the output below:

As you can see on the above graphs, ever since they started that campaign, they never got that high of a revenue. It was a great success for me to show them what I can do. I don’t mean to brag, but this time, I really did it right!

One thing to add is to be careful with Google AdSense and follow their policy if you do not want to be banned or penalized by Google. You have to be careful with your campaigns and not rush everything. Remember the saying, “haste, makes waste”? It applies to everything and especially in your digital marketing campaigns.

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Just When I Thought I Was Rusted with Google AdSense Skills…

It was a gamble for the company to hire me – someone who was a small fry like me, taking over what a third-party company had done – not to mention they left me with a huge work to do with lots of violations.

This big company wanted to hire me and absorb me as part of their company. I was elated when I got the news that they will be hiring me to take over their Google AdSense account!

For a month of flat-line, I took-over the job and fixed what needed to be fixed. A week of work produced great results! I earned them $1k. It took me careful reading and review to get the account back up.

Now that I have been working for them for already a month and a week, I am happy to say, I have earned the company a total of $6.2K! Even the number of impressions has been high for this month compared to the last 10 months!

I was elated with the results! I am happy to have conquered yet another challenge.