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It was a gamble for the company to hire me – someone who was a small fry like me, taking over what a third-party company had done – not to mention they left me with a huge work to do with lots of violations.

This big company wanted to hire me and absorb me as part of their company. I was elated when I got the news that they will be hiring me to take over their Google AdSense account!

For a month of flat-line, I took-over the job and fixed what needed to be fixed. A week of work produced great results! I earned them $1k. It took me careful reading and review to get the account back up.

Now that I have been working for them for already a month and a week, I am happy to say, I have earned the company a total of $6.2K! Even the number of impressions has been high for this month compared to the last 10 months!

I was elated with the results! I am happy to have conquered yet another challenge.


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