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Freedom Summit Cebu

When Ms. Le-an contacted me about an opportunity to speak at an event for freelancers and those that are thinking of becoming a freelance worker themselves, I was elated and grabbed that opportunity.

Even though the invitation was several weeks ahead and I could have prepared more, but due to work constraints, I prepared my topic just a day before the event. Although, I already knew the gist of what I would be discussing, preparation of the slide were last-minute!

Photo Courtesy of Freedom Summit Global (Cebu)
Photo Courtesy of Freedom Summit Global (Cebu)

You’d probably think I delivered my speech poorly! I was not expecting that I did well. I was elated to see the faces of the audience as they got captivated by what I had to say. It felt good to speak and share my knowledge with the audience who have the thirst to get educated.

It was such an honor to impart my knowledge to you all. Thank you for this opportunity.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker for your company, your school, or university, I am available.


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